About us

As Hümayun Holding, we serve our customers in the domestic and international markets, with many different companies and in seven main sectors. We improve our services and share our knowledge and experience with you. It has become the mission of our company that the Huma bird, which represents abundance and power, has been transformed into Humayun and used to express the monarch and loyalty in the Ottoman palaces.

Protecting; By protecting your investments under the name of Hümayun, which means ‘protecting’, we are based on our strong policies.

Huma bird is a bird that has been in legends for thousands of years. It is believed to bring happiness and peace to where it is placed. Huma is a bird that is worth seeing with its beauty, which is admirable in man. According to the legends, it is not possible to see the hummingbird alive. It is also known by the people for being responsible for the peace and happiness of the houses.

Thanks to this bird, which is believed to bring abundance, strength and peace, it was also believed that rulers on earth were determined.

Under the umbrella of Hümayun Holding, we offer you our services in Supply and Facility Management, Academy and Organization, Construction, Law, Mining, Automotive, Logistics sectors. While delivering our services, we are moving strongly and determined to reach our goals.

We offer the most useful supply service to the public and private sector with a wide range of products and services. We aim to provide safer and higher quality service by improving our service areas day by day. While providing Supply and Facility Management services, we meet the expectations and needs of our customers in the most correct way with the abundance of the hummingbird.

We offer controlled and reliable services in many areas such as facility management training, high-capacity invitations and organizations, and digital advertising. With our professional team that knows the job but pushes the boundaries, we hope to make you feel the peace and happiness of hüma bird in the works we do for you.

We work with the highest quality materials and the most advanced technical equipment to create safe and peaceful areas in the construction industry. We are based on a modern and safe lifestyle not only in the housing projects it undertakes, but also in the environments where projects of humaya bird, believed to bring peace, are located.

Based on the strength of the Huma bird, we strive to establish a fair and reliable environment in return for the legal and consultancy services we provide. With the effective legal service and our expert staff, we aim to reach a solution in the most efficient way.

Evaluating the wealth of underground and aboveground Turkey always aim to be the preferred company. We aim to bring the underground resources into the country’s economy by considering environmental awareness. We provide a professional service with our efficient way of working in the mining field.

We create a safe and peaceful environment spread by Huma for you. We provide reliable service to our customers with our advanced technology. We offer easy and fast solutions to our customers by providing services in every class to capture lost vehicles, legal procedures and withdrawals. We offer solutions to you by knowing the duty of Huma bird to protect ourselves.

By providing transportation services in many areas such as land, air and sea, we take your cargo to any place quickly and reliably. By adopting the speed of Hüma, we enable our customers to deliver their products to any place, at any time safely, quickly and securely.