Catering Services

We provide a successful catering service that continuously expands its service area by producing and serving healthy, delicious and quality foods. Procuring waiter, komi and cook for various organizations also takes an important place among our services.

In addition to the daily table d’hote meal service in the facilities, we are with you on your most special days with catering service for invitations, organizations, picnics, cocktails and weddings. We always prioritize customer satisfaction.

By constantly training our employees, we increase their competencies and ensure food reliability. With our experience in the fields of hospital, school, dormitory, hotel, workplace and various types of organizations we have served until today, we offer you the best quality public catering service.

In our catering service we provide, we deliver our healthy, hygienic and delicious meals to you at any time.

  • Transport Food Service
  • Catering Service to Sites
  • Food Service to Hospitals
  • Catering Service to Factories
  • Service for Schools
  • Catering Service for Hotels