Hüma Logistics

In the logistics field, we offer solution-oriented processes to our customers with ethical values and environmental awareness in the markets we target.

Warehouse Clearance

With our technological infrastructure, we provide warehouse service in our bonded warehouses for products brought from abroad, within the framework of the relevant legal legislation. We carry out the customs clearance of all your cargo in a specialist way without any problems. We offer its customers a fast, reliable and comfortable operation process.

We fulfill our customers demands to the finest detail with great care and precision. We aim to be the pioneer of the industry with our experienced and dynamic team.

Highway Transports

In road transportation, we enable our customers to deliver their products to any place, at any time safely, quickly and securely.

We are able to carry out road transportation both within the borders of the country and internationally within the legal frameworks determined by the state. Our company offers a special shipping system to provide the highest level of service at varying market conditions and competitive prices.

Airways Transporting

We provide effective and high quality airline service to our customers with strategic importance abroad with the most economical approach. We also play an important role in air transport and offer solutions to suit all kinds of expectations of our customers.

Thanks to our wide network of agents, we provide airport or door delivery airline transportation services from every point of the world.

Maritime Transport

We provide reliable and minimum cost service in maritime transportation. We offer container transportation, door-to-door container transportation, container storage and transportation services in maritime transportation in line with the demands of our customers.

We offer fast and timely solutions with our efficient, experienced and reliable staff.