Hüma Maden

Serving in the mining industry, one of Turkey’s leading companies. We provide services in many mining fields with our works in the Bitlis Ahlat region. We always prioritize the happiness and development of people with our employees, customers and the values we produce. We continue our activities by considering environmental awareness.

We aim to bring our country’s underground resources into the country’s economy. We carry out our work meticulously, keeping the health and safety of the staff at the forefront.

We provide a professional service with our safe and efficient way of working. evaluating the wealth of underground and aboveground Turkey are aiming to be more reliable and preferred company.

Breaking Stone

  • Impact Crusher
  • Jaw Crusher
  • Sand Machine

Bims Factories

  • Empty Blocks
  • Filled Blocks
  • Coating Blocks
  • Air Condition Block
  • Asmolen Block
  • Adhesive Mortar

Soil Screening Plants

Pump Mine

Concrete Plants