Integrated Facility Management

Today, rapidly increasing business center, public housing, public buildings, hospitals and a correct organization and a large number of staff should work in providing services.

Businesses that intensify day by day need various solutions in terms of management. We meet all kinds of needs of our customers by providing all necessary services for the facilities.

We aim to provide safer and higher quality service by improving our service areas day by day.

  • Facility / Site / Plaza / Shopping Mall
  • Management Services
  • Establishing management organizations
  • Technical operation, maintenance and repair
  • Landscape and garden maintenance services
  • Transportation services (personnel
  • transportation, ring services, vehicles and driver allocation)
  • Conference and meeting space management
  • Reception services
  • Archive (document) management
  • Communication services
    Storage and distribution
    Courier services
  • Office machines, vending machines, printing, archive and service auto management
    Health Service
  • Mini markets and vending machines
  • Civil defense and disaster preparedness