Message from the CEO

Our dreams and goals have always been great on behalf of Hümayun Holding. With Hümayun, we work with our professional team with great enthusiasm to further expand our goals and take them forward. We are always ready for development and change based on customer satisfaction with the sectors we serve.

We work with great determination to provide more reliable and conscious service to our customers by hosting many different companies. We provide reliable services in sectors such as supply and facility management, facility management training, organization, digital media, law, mining, construction, automotive and logistics. While carrying out all these breakthroughs, we continue to offer our successful services in order to better manage growth and change, strengthen and sustain the corporate structure and prepare for the future.

Within the management, we attach importance to providing peaceful spaces for both our environment and our employees by prioritizing our environmental protection policy and occupational safety. We aim to gain more experience by using the time in the most accurate way with our team. As Hümayun Holding, we add value to our customers and our works with our understanding of quality service.

Yours truly,

Salih Kalyoncuo
Hümayun Holding Chairman & CEO